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Seed is a  FREE Two-day conference featuring a proactive approach to the task of spreading significant knowledge of Consciousness, Mind control, Truth, Spirituality, Self-awareness, Occult, Sovereignty, Anarchy, and how they all relate to the universal problems that we are currently facing as a species.  It should be a wide scope of enormous scale tapping into a variety of topics. 

This event is here for solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times, empower others into helping them defend themselves against chaos sorcery or other means of manipulation and obfuscation.

This conference is not limited to any one particular world view or subject matter. Any hidden or suppressed knowledge that holds importance to the freedom and health of living things on the planet earth is fair game for discussion.

This is my first presentation ever, and also being the host of the event, my plate was full. I will improve all the work, and continue to progress. When most people think of Skatopia they think of Buring cars, and parties, and of course Skateboarding. This is also intended to show that Skatopia is much more than just a place to come party.

Topics included are – Human Consciousness, Mind Control, Natural Law, The Occult, and some of the issues that affect the freedom of people of earth.

My thank’s to Mark Passio for putting this work out there. Check out his work at www.whatonearthishappening.com

Presentation by William Martin at the 2016 S.E.E.D


Presentation by Nate Kap at the 2016 S.E.E.D. event at Skatopia in Rutland, Ohio.

-Sacred Feminine and Masculine aspects to consciousness

-Solomons Temple

-Natural Law

-Government and Religion

-Mind Control and brain imbalance

-Carnism and justifications



It is important to watch and listen to this presentation all the way through from beginning to end in order to get the full message in its proper sequence.



Presentation by Indica Martin, Topics include a fundamental understanding of vibration.


Presentation by Douglas Martin topics include the superior knowledge of the ancient Egyptians ranging from natural law to esoteric anthropology





S.E.E.D 2


Presentation by Nate Kap at the 2017 S.E.E.D. 2 Germinate event at Skatopia in Rutland, Ohio.

“This is a (shortened) presentation on the de-coding of the 2016 movie, Doctor Strange(slides only) that I gave at the S.E.E.D. 2 Germinate event in Rutland, Ohio at Skatopia on May, 6th 2017. I give a very deep esoteric and conscious breakdown of the many allegories within this story while covering the brain components, symbolism, color, hero journey, rituals, synchromysticism, inner work, Will, ego, and many other aspects. The partial goal of putting this lecture together was in the hopes that I can reach those who want to understand depths of esoteric sign language within cinema. I hope that this presentation inspires you and helps you see further into the important mysteries. Watching and listening to the whole presentation is the only way to find true value in my research so please have patience and popcorn ready;). Thanks again to Brandon William Martin and Brewce Martin for the stage and venue.”



This is a Presentation given by Tony 2017 at the Skatopia esoteric educational dissemination. Speaking the the corruption of crony capitalism.


Topics – – Hellenic Greece – Hellenistic Greece – Rise Of Roman Republic – The Fall Of The Republic – The Rise Of the Empire – The Fall Of the Empire – Rise of Christianity – The Dark Ages Medieval Europe ( End of Learning & Scarce chronology / Ambiguity ) – Judahism – Feudalism and Manorialism – The First Crusade – The 2nd and 3rd Crusades – The 4th Crusade – And much more….

Topics – – Programming/Mind Control – SEED of life corresponded to the evolution of a cell.

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