Triple Threat TV Is Looking For People To Film

If you are coming to Skatopia for Bowl Bash and the American Skate Fest, we want to hear from you!  Our production company is shooting a follow documentary about a few Skatopia bound souls as they journey to and experience Skatopia for the first time!  We will be shooting at Skatopia from June 18th to June 27th and if we select you,  we’d follow along on your journey from home to the Mecca of Skate.  We’re looking for males and females between ages 20-25.  So if you are planning to take Skatopia by storm or at least survive it, respond with the following standard info about yourself and we’ll be in touch.

What is it about Skatopia that draws you to it?  (the bowls, the music, or just the plain old debauchery?)
How do you plan on getting to Skatopia?
Are you traveling alone or with a crew?
Your life as a skater or musician (if you are one)
Any other things that make you YOU
Links to any photos or videos you want to share with us
Best way to get a hold of you

Best way to get a hold of us is an email to: or to friend TripleThreatTV on MySpace or Facebook.

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