The Skateboard Museum :: The Museum Of Skateboard History is located at Skatopia. The mission of the Skateboard Museum is to acquire a diverse representation of skateboarding’s past and present. The skateboard museum also holds goals to establish a permanent two-story monument at Skatopia to the history of skateboarding. Also establish a living online museum of skateboards where skateboarders from around the world may contribute. The museum’s primary purpose is to educate skateboarders and all visitors on the history of the great world of skateboarding.

The Present :: The skateboard museum has been built upon for over a two decades. Currently there are about 12,000 pieces of skateboarding memorabilia currently on display. Over 1600 vintage skateboards dating back from the sixties, hundreds of magazines, stickers, artwork, and more make up this amazing museum that preserves skateboarding’s past while creating its future. The skateboard museum accepts all donations of skateboards and skateboarding memorabilia with loving arms. Monetary donations are accepted as well as they help expand and create more to the museum. Your donations will not be sold for profit, instead will be put with the rest on display, space permitting. You are always welcome to come visit the skateboard museum and continue to Skatopia’s living museum of ramps and concrete. The museum is open anytime when Brewce or Brandon Martin are there to show you.

The Future :: The future always holds uncertainty, but the skateboard museum is preparing to be there long into the future. A goal of the skateboard museum is to establish a 501©3 nonprofit organization to preserve and continue its legacy. Skatopia just finished building an amphitheatre to help offset the costs of Skatopia as well as help with all future parties and events. The roadmap is certain, where Skatopia will see a more permanent monument to skateboarding, the amphitheatre, and even more expansions of boards and concrete. Eventually, the nonprofit organization will include the skate park as its living museum and hands on exhibit for all.

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Inside The Museum At Skatopia

More Photos Of The Museum

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