Frequently Asked Questions

Skatopia The Place:

Q: Can Anyone Come To Skatopia?
A: Yes. All are welcome

Q: Does its Cost Money To Go To Skatopia? Is there a fee?
A: No. But Donations Are Welcome.

Q: What do I need if I go to Skatopia?
A: a skateboard, camping equipment, beer, liquor & food

Q: When did Skatopia open?
A: 1995

Q: Why do you burn cars?
A: It is therapeutic for us. It is a symbolic expression of releasing from the world of materialism. If you wish for more details send your questions tociaprints@yahoo.com

Q: Should you believe everything you hear about Skatopia?
A:  No! Most likely, some of what you hear is the truth. However, you must be able to discern which is false, taken out of context, or obfuscated by coming and experience gnosis of the environment for yourself. Do not base the holistic meaning of Skatopia upon vague information produced by individuals who most likely do not have the slightest idea what the place is about, even if those individuals, have come and experienced it for themselves. It is quite possible that they are still most likely not capable of the true broader awareness and to grasp the true meaning of Skatopia.

Q: Will my car be stolen and/or burned?
A: Not involuntarily. 99% of the vehicles that have been burned on the farm have been voluntarily; individuals that obviously were not right in the mind committed the other 1%. These individuals most likely acted out of the lack of available information, which inevitably ended up expressing themselves poorly on the property. None of these actions were committed by the property owners, or any one part of the true Skatopian family.

Q: Where do I go once I arrive?
A: There are two parking lots straight up the road. You are welcome to proceed, and to find any individual that is lurking around the farm to communicate with and ask your questions.

Q: What are the requirements for living on the property?

Website Info:

Q: What are the Official Skatopia Sites
A: Main Website: www.skatopia.org

Online Shop: shop.skatopia.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/skatopia.org
Youtube: youtube.com/skatopiaorg
Twitter: www.twitter.com/skatopia_cia
Skatopia Movie: www.skatopiathemovie.com

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