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Tax Avoidance Is an American Tradition

Thanksgiving approaches, and our colleagues on the left (and some on the right), continue their prolonged apoplectic seizure over Donald Trump’s non-taxpaying ways. The record cries out to be set straight. Tax avoidance is as great an American tradition as eating turkey and pumpkin pie on a particular Thursday in November. Actually, it goes back […]

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What’s Wrong With Outcome-Based Education?

whats-wrong-with-outcome-based-education What’s Wrong With Outcome-Based Education? May 1993 Phyllis Schlafly Report Outcome-Based Education (OBE) is sweeping the country in the name of school “restructuring.” OBE calls for a complete change in the way children are taught, graded and graduated, kindergarten through 12th grade. Since the American people seem ready to accept drastic surgery on our […]

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