The Skate Farm’s Guidelines

The Skate Farm’s guidelines: ( these are simply guidelines for behaviors that have caused us negative consequences over the years the family here has asked me to share this and ask people to respect these simple ways of behaving so that we minimize negative consequences on the people who work hard every day to take care of this place. Like always this is an interactive your own risk place so we are not personally liable for any damages to you or your possessions. )

1. Absolutely 100% do not steal, we do not support or condone any type of theft. Thieves will be handled accordingly!!!!

2. Please drive slow around the house and barn, are animals like to walk around these areas and this is not a place for you to derby at. Do not derby down the road or down the hill, be very cautious of other people’s vehicles. Be careful of people’s tents, watch out for drunk people passed out etc….

3. Do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground, and for that matter do not throw any trash on the ground. This is not just someplace for you to come in and litter, this is a home and we would like you to treat it as such, have the same decency courtesy and respect that you would for your own environment or people that you care about. ( For the people who do not care about anything or anybody else’s stuff, just stay of fuck out. )

4. Do not shoot fireworks at the facilities or any structure. Some of these buildings are up to 100 years old and are highly flammable, I’m sure you would not want to be the asshole who burned down the barn because of your drunken stupidity by shooting fireworks unconsciously. Do not shoot fireworks at anybody who is not voluntarily engaging in such a duel, do not shoot fireworks at people’s property. Absolutely be very cautious and considerate of how you are using these explosives. Do not shoot fireworks at the bands, or their expensive musical equipment nor ours!!!

5. Clean up your campsites, our motto is to keep it clean. We now are initiating a new regulation which is that you have to take your trash home with you unless we have a use for it as a reusable building material specifically glasses is the only one we are currently taking. But, if you contribute towards our new dumpster, we will gladly take the trash that you have created here off your hands, otherwise take it home with you!!!

6. Do not break glass anywhere on the premise, my family including my animals like to walk around my farm, and we would like to walk around barefoot. Absolutely do not break glass!!!

7.If you’re going to burn a car, please inform the owners of the property first, there could be possible resources that we would like to salvage from them before they are completely burnt up. This place is about recycling and reusing and we would like to be able to continue by salvaging anything that is of use from these vehicles that are going to be destroyed. As long as the personal property owner is okay with us having those items. Do not burn vehicles around the facilities or around anybody’s tents etc. keep the burning of the vehicles in the field only!!!

8. Absolutely do not shoot your firearms without property permission unless You are absolutely 100% in self-defense against someone who is intentionally trying to kill you!!! If you wish to shoot your firearms, please talk to the owners there is a designated shooting area. Be safe be smart, and we would just recommend that you keep them in your vehicle. There is no purpose for firearms to be used during a festivity with this amount of people.

9. Do not harass the guest, these people are here for the same purpose that you are, to enjoy themselves and enjoy the environment away from the tyrannical government. Respect your neighbors and enjoy the time well spent with them!

10. Make sure to understand the reason why you are coming here, this is not just a place to party. The partying should be an act of celebration for all the hard work that we have done over the years and to enjoy friendly communications/engagement with like-minded people. Make sure you understand this place was built through contribution and volunteerism, and we respect people who apply their positive actions towards creating a better place. The purpose is to come here and party, then just stay home!!!

Bonus guidelines: Have fun, enjoy the people, enjoy the environment, skate your ass off, laugh until you cry, give the band your appreciation for their volunteer contribution!!!!The Skate Farm sends its appreciation to all those who have supported us over the years and who continue to support us. Please respect and follow these guidelines and we will have no issues with you coming to enjoy yourself a co-create here.

We DO NOT support UNDERAGE DRINKING and Out of respect, keep your guns put away. We have a SAFE shooting spot for people who want to shoot. ASK us for info on this if you are going to bring firearms and want to shoot at the farm. DO NOT act like a fool, guns are TOOLS NOT TOYS. We DO NOT condone any kind of abuse of this tool.

Skatopia (PUBLIC SKATE PARK) and anybody living here are NOT personally liable for any personal or private damages DONE BY OTHER PEOPLE such as guest, this place is an ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK policy by entering you have voluntarily and willfully consented to be in an environment which could be RISKY. 


If it so happens that a person of residence does HARM, THEY ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE NOT ANYBODY ELSE (unless they were involed etc..) NOR IS THE SKATE PARK.

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