Is Skatopia a cult?

I get a hysterical laugh at people who consider Skatopia to be a cult. People who think this, have to be completely in ignorance, or acting out of spite, especially people who have been here, for themselves, and experienced it, but yet still think this insane idea.
My father is notorious for being called a “cult leader” ( he loves it, and uses the idea as a mockery, especially to those who do not know better, he would make JOKES about people calling then his “minions” they enjoyed the humor because they KNEW it was NOT true. But he does this just to pull on people’s gullibility ) So of course I must be a “cult leader”…… Because I’m associated with my father right? How absurd, imagine if we said this about everybody, your father or friend did this and because you were there as HIS CHILD or friend you must be “guilty” also…. This is confirmation bias…. I’ve have been harassed and ridiculed about this fraudulent false notion, especially now since I’ve started to speak out against the iniquities and corruptions of our current condition. Unlike my father, I do not mock people with this concept to play on people’s gullibility. I, on the other hand, take the antithetical approach which is being firmly rock solid in Truth again such a blatantly ignorant view points or I should say a lack of view points. “guilt by association” is not actual evidence nor is it based in any TRUTH. We MOCK cults, and stand firmly against them!!
2 types of people who I hear this from –
1. If you haven’t actually attended and think this is true. ( based upon what you’ve “herd” etc… )
2. If you have and think this true. Yet KNOW it isn’t true, because of empirical evidence etc… or you DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAT A CULT IS, and falsely assume such based on lack of KNOWLEDGE. Then proceed to tell other that it is “true” even know you have no clue or your just trying to start something because of some form of predisposition and bias.
We could break these down psychologically,
as of the reasons why people tend to do this. Like; lack of true knowledge, knowledge but lack of understanding, parental abandonment issues, logical fallacy, cognitive dissonance, lack of education, jealousy, spitefulness, “vengeance” etc…
Ok, to completely dismantle this absurd notion, let us first start with a definition of a cult.
Cult; A system of religious worship or veneration and devotion that espouses beliefs that are dangerous, especially to the Lives Rights and Freedoms of those who are not its members.
Ok, now On what bases are you making this assumption? Where is your evidence? (Show me) Where did you hear this? Did you come up with this idea yourself? Why are you spewing such nonsense? Why are you “believing” without see it for yourself? Do you really know what a cult is? If not, then why are you jumping to illogical conclusions without even knowing what something is and then claiming that something is it? (and then telling other people this garbage nonsense???)

Based upon the definition above everything that we do here at Skatopia is completely antithetical to what a “cult” definitively is. Here are a few examples of actual cults; military, police, government, the state, and religion, Children of god, the peoples temple, heavens gate, the order of the solar temple, Los Narcos-Satanicos, The Ripper Crew, KKK, Beasts Of Satan, The Fall River Satanic Sex Cult, Superior Universal Alignment etc….

In Cults, techniques of mind control are waged against the initiates. Yeah, we are such good cult leaders here, by teaching these tactics to help people defend against cult mind control methodologies by teaching the guest how to be Free. Obviously true cults keep a very skewed power differential between the lower levels and the higher levels, the Community of Skatopia does not have a hierarchy of knowledge. We are very egalitarian when it comes to knowledge. Really beats the entire purpose of an actual cult wouldn’t you say?
Is the knowledge ( not beliefs ) that we share, dangerous to the LIVES, RIGHTS, AND FREEDOMS of other people? No, actually it’s helps to expand Freedom, to defend Rights, and uplift people’s life’s for the better. ( Guest are the ones that do the most harm unnecessarily, and have always been the issues we have had, NOT the farm residences ) We are always thriving for a better way of living and trying to work with others to do so. Many false rumors have spread like the plague about us and it’s time to state the TRUTH. Find something better to do than attack us through Ad hominem logical fallacies that are unjustifiable.
Has Brewce harmed people? Yes, justifiably usually but not always. He has had a lot of episodes since his MAJOR brain trauma. From this he has done a lot of harm to people he loves and other that just were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Does his injury excuse him of these action? No, but it is a REASON or explanation of the WHY. Does this mean that every around him is to blame? ( “guilt by association” ) NO… Does this mean that we have a cult? NO… We are a family just trying to take care of the loved ones we have and hope to expand that love to others, Living, working hard, and enjoying ourselves without infringing on anybody else. Brewce just wants to heal and be a better person, he has been working on this for years now. It’s a very slow process but he has came a long way. I FIRST hand KNOW this because of personal gnosis.
An “anarchist cult” ? First if anarchy MEANS FREEDOM, then this statement is an oxymoron. Since cults are a threat to freedom, and imbedded with mind control techniques. (the destruction of someone else’s freedom) I think we can readily see that this is bogus!
So, is it true? Absolutely not! Get your facts straight be for you judge us, because 99% of the shit I hear is just outrageous lies!
I hope people share this as an antidote for these false claim.
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