Skatopia Bowl Bash June 16-25 2017

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Bands 16-17; City Trash, Jesus crust, Florida rooms, Lucy Furr, The David Jones Band (16th), Krooked Youth (17th), The Sluts (17), Savagery (17th), Heartworm (17th), Diseased Earth (17), Casket Company (17th)

Bands 23rd – 24th; Escape From The Zoo, We The Heathens, Tears Of Olympus, 13 Angels, Et Mac, Throbbing Williams, Blues And Corduroys, Trigger Happy, Wolves Among Sheep, Spud Bug, Recollections, Bad timing, Hammered with Jesus, Death of Self, Dead Beat, The Voice of God, Infamy of Three, Forsaken Profits & Skatanic, California Cousins, Just Shy Of, Inhalants, City Trash, Jesus crust, Greywalker

A skate contest at 3 PM Saturday the 24th!!

Skatopia Presents the Annual Bowl Bash!!! Live music, a lot of skating, with nonstop exhilaration and entertainment. Be a part of true anarchy through actions that represent freedom. Skatopia is in the process of being a more self-sufficient environment! Trying to spread the awareness of the monarchy that controls the external world! Leading by example to be a self-governing system. Open your mind to all that is, and you will have no limitations to find the treasures buried in the universal self. So come ladies and gentlemen to a Alice in Wonderland/ Never Neverland that meets a Mad Max environment, and open your mind beyond the boundaries what you perceived to be important. Release the rage in action that opposed slavery in the most positive way.
# 740-742-3169 or 740-416-6459
Booking is on!


Skates will be a family gives it shout out for the recent approval of the Dash proposal, we’re looking forward to working with community. Thank you Dash community!

We will be giving out Dash (digital cash) at this year’s event and hope to inspire people to be more interested in alternative currency. If you’re interested in knowing more please visit

If you’re interested in reading over the proposal here is a link to that –

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