THE CULT OF BILL WORSHIP – A Religion That Holds Back Human Evolution. (Pt.1)

The Cult Of Bill Worship;

 A Religion That Holds Back Human Evolution.

Pt. 1

Let it first be understood that all systems are interconnected. Temporal and Non-temporal are but measurements of the same underlining energy. The Hermetic Principle of Correspondence states; As above so below, so below, so above. This principle embodies the Truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomenon’s of various planes of being in life. I’ll be mostly working with correlative thinking or pattern recognition through this article. Which is a form of syncing the Truth that can be acquired by man into a synthesis, or what is known as syncretism.  The ancient Stellar people from khemet knew this to be True and passed the knowledge in form, down the ages. There is much knowledge needed to understand what I have put together here. My recommendation is that you look into the necessary prerequisite knowledge and return to the to fully grasp my message.  (see sources at the bottom for some.)

 From predynastic Egypt have come the fundamental Esoteric and Occult teachings which have so strongly influence philosophies of all times, races, nation’s and peoples, for several thousands years. Most likely these teachings date back hundreds of thousands, and that is a lite estimate.

We’ll be covering Maritime law and the use of word manipulation, Solar Cult/Solar Hero Mythos and, Brain function to see how it relates to our monetary system. This article will be mostly filled with the study of Symbols, Esoterism, Symbology, and Green language.

This is not intended to be an article on the historical significance comprising where the mystery traditions originate. Of course, this article cannot cover the totality of all the information necessary to understand this, nor am I claiming to have that knowledge.

 In ancient Egypt dwelt the great adepts and masters who have never been surpassed, and who seldom have been equaled, during the centuries that have taken their progressional flight since the days of the great Stellar People.

The 3 hero cults; Stellar cult, Lunar cult, and Solar cult (Totemic). Pre-hero cult is the Totemic (non-hero), and the Pre-Totemic era which I will not be touching on. Nor will I be exclusively covering these 3 cults, I’ll be focusing on solar doctrine.

  • Pre-totemic

  • Totemic (non-hero)

  • Totemic (Hero cult ) – Stellar cult, Lunar cult, Solar cult.

” In regard to hero cults. it is important to distinguish pre-totemic from non-totemic and totemic hero cults. Pre-totemic implies prior to any relevant knowledge and an absence of discoverable evidence that any totemic rites are practiced while non-totemic implies evidence belief in a great spirit but no totemic rites and totemic implies evidence of venerating, elemental powers, ancestry, and the ONE Great Spirit. In all actuality the stellar can be evidenced as beginning about 600,000 years ago, we just have to be careful with the big numbers because it leaves so much ambiguity in peoples minds that everyone starts throwing numbers around obscuring what can be known. The term “worship” is part of the confusion and I think it is important to be clear that their venerating is practicing repetition as a means of preserving and communicating knowledge. It is not about a faith but more about a knowing and discovery of a power in nature. The way I understand it is that the monetary system and socialism had been tried and abandoned never to be returned to by stellar people but brought back on in the solar cult.”
– Douglas Martin

What comprises a Cult?

The word cult means to “worship,” also “a particular form of worship,” from French culte (17c.), from Latin cultus “cultivation, culture; worship, reverence,” originally; “tended, cultivated,” past participle of colere “to till”

Our working definition;

“A system of religious worship and blind devotion which espouses beliefs that are dangerous, especially to the Lives, Right’s and Freedoms of those who are NOT its members.”

Have you ever consider that you are in a Cult? If we base our answer off of our working definition we can readily see that almost all institutions and systems of society are cults. Yes, you’re in the biggest cult of the world called “culture.”

Have you noticed how many strange terms and words are commonly used today that have hidden meaning within them? I have, I work with words constantly and I feel that we need to have clear definitions of our words to understand how to communicate in a higher form with each other. Words are a form of magic, this why we spell them into being.

Maritime words relate to nautical, sea/ocean, shipping, and navigation. The term ‘Nautical’ originates from the Greek word ‘nauti'[c] Greek nautikos, and nautic from Middle French nautique, from Latin nauticus ” – meaning “ship or sailor”. 

When you place your home on the real estate market; you are putting it up for sale/sail. When you Buy from a Merchant he is Selling/Sailing you a product, because he is a Sailor/Seller.  When we are born we are issued a birth/berth certificate, and the Dock/Doctor signs your birth/berth certificate, as well as your death certificate. A berth in nautical terms is a space where a vehicle can be parked/docked, for loading or unloading. When a ship berths in a port or dock, the captain has to produce a berth certificate. When you are born, you come through your Mother’s birth/berth Canal. When a product leaves a warehouse it is “Shipped” from the warehouse to the destination. Why would you use the word “Ship” or “Shipped” if you are using an airplane or automobile?

All these words are not picked by chance or carelessly.

The word “Ship” is phonetically related to hip. the mother’s hips. When we are in the womb, we are connected to a “navel” cord, this is where we get the navy. The Latin ‘Navis’ means “Ship” and the  Spanish ‘nave’ also means “ship” a vessel for sailing on the sea.

When you connect a device such as a printer or a USB Cable or Cord to a port or port opening on your computer. A Port Hole on a ship is the term is used to describe the window’s, or openings on a vessel. The word originates from the French word porte which means door. When going to work people have to “re-port” for duty. When you have to clean and organize a space to get it into “Ship Shape.” This expression arose from the inspections that were started during the 1800’s to ensure that the ships were clean enough so as to not bring anything such as disease into a port.  When inspected and accepted for port entry, they were said to be “ship shape”. We have the post office which is the “post OFF ICE” that take deliveries.

The word “captain” comes from the word capital = money = water. Or  capitayn, “a leader, chief, one who stands at the head of others,” from Old French capitaine “captain, leader,” from Late Latin capitaneus “chief,” noun use of adjective capitaneus “prominent, chief,” from Latin caput (genitive capitis) “head” (see capitulum). “Authority” capitalism = slavery. Unless it is internal capitalism ( self ruler-ship only. )

Bar; is to “fasten (a gate, or door etc.) with a bar,” from bar; sense of “to obstruct, prevent“. Also, a “Whole body of lawyers, the legal profession,” 1550s, a sense which derives ultimately from the railing that separated benchers from the hall in the Inns of Court (Quart: a measurement of liquid ). The bar in a courtroom or around the edge of a ship, which was the wooden railing marking off the area around the judge’s seat, where prisoners/slave stood for arraignment and where a barrister (q.v.) stood to plead. As the place where the business of court was done, bar in this sense had become synonymous with “court” by early 14c. ( bar-n and Farm-stock )

 A Bar is also a male person who has reached his 13th year and thus reached the age of “religious responsibility,” This is about the cycle of the Sun, the 12 zodiac sign’s and the 13th sign the Sun who traverses the zodiac belt. The son/sun of “God” who was born on the spring equinox March 19-20th and who is raised to its highest and most radiant position on the summer solstice June 20 – 21st, declining out of that position into the season of fall/autumn on the autumn equinox September 21  – 22nd descending into its lowest point the  coffin or death on the winter solstice December 21  – 22nd to rise again and be reborn/resurrected out of the season of winter back into the spring position. This is all based on the movement of the sun and its positioning during the 24 hour day and yearly cycle.

Bar is also rooted in Old French barriere “obstacle, gatekeeper,” from barre “bar.” The Gatekeeper is the Bartender who gives you “spirit” (Alcohol) or the ferryman who you pay to be allowed passage into the “underworld/spirit realm”. Paying for spiritual ascension is very common throughout the perverted civilizations that did not understand the ancient mystery traditions.

Tender; From Latin tendere “to stretch, extend”  also “formal offer for acceptance,” or Specific sense of “money offered as payment. In the context of the solar doctrine, this is relating back to extending offerings to deities or higher forms of authority. The offering being given here is money, which is but the front for what is really being offered which is spiritual time and attention. Thus if you have no offering you are not allowed to have any transactions on the barge of the dead or be allowed access into the spirit realm course this is nothing but a religious manipulation tactic to keep control over the minds of its servants. Barge; from Latin.

Bartender; Tender is Money. Money is likened to a “middle-man” or “medium”.

Barge; from Latin *barica, from Greek baris “Egyptian boat.” This is where we get the story of the barge of the dead, correlating to the statement above but just depicted through different symbols and allegorical meaning. The barge of the dead is symbolizing the vessel that transports the spirit back to source for its “re-insemination” into the all so that it may take process in re-incarnation.

Tender is also a boat of communication between ship and shore. (Medium) The meaning “small boat used to attend larger ones” Tender is used as a medium of payment, to note that a ‘medium” is a person that is the mediary between the living and the dead. This is all religion based crap about charging the “dead” (You) so you can attain “Spiritual Ascension.”

An Offering is “the presenting of something to a deity; a thing so presented.” Used in religious motifs and rituals.

The Teller is a bank clerk who pays or receives money, or “person who keeps accounts,” From tell (v.) in its secondary sense to “count, enumerate,” which is the primary sense of cognate words in many Germanic languages. Earlier forms is a “person who announces or narrates”. Or more accurately a Fortune-teller (n.) from fortune + teller. This can be related to the account keeping of one’s fortune spiritually and physically. Gypsies were known to be amongst the first to be widely known for their use of divination’s which is a perverted form of the mystery traditions to gain particular items or mediums in exchange for telling their clients fortune. This is also phonetically related to Tail; “hindmost part of an animal or the “reverse side of a coin” (opposite the side with the head).Or to tell a tale. A narrative that relates the details of some real or imaginary events.

Fortune;  “chance, luck as a force in human affairs,” or “chance, fate, good luck,” from fors (genitive fortis) “chance, luck,” and a sense of “owned wealth” is first found in Spenser; probably it evolved from senses of “one’s condition or standing in life.” Luck or ‘Luc’ and ‘Lux” means Light.

We have Baron which is a nobleman, military leader, lord, or husband. (authority)  The Beer baron families have taken over most of the alcohol trade and cooperation, and are part of the epigenetic agenda to pacify, and subdue the population into willing slaves. This is being partly used to localize and breed out the rebels in the society.

This is a process of tiptoed tactic to totalitarianism. Which is also known as encroachment, these tactics of marginalizing and ostracizing simultaneously had been used throughout time. This overall agenda is multifaceted, and there is no way that I can cover all areas of its techniques.

Socially we say things like “let’s have Company come over”, in a Relationship it’s “Partner’s“, “it’s none of your Business” or “mind your own Business,” and “stay out of my Business,” relating back to business/money transactions.

Bar as in a Bar of Gold (Sun) or Sliver (Moon).

We get a lease on a car or a house, which is phonetically related to leash. Because thats what’s happening, you are being Leashed up like a Dog. But we also have the word release; re meaning “to do over” or “again,” and lease; which is a contract or binding verbal agreement. To release somebody from the hospital or jail is to lease them again back into service or functional operation into the corporate system of slavery.

The belief in the “money” is irrelevant once a society has reached such a point. Once we have advanced in the Knowledge of Natures Abundance, and technologically have reached the point where we can access that abundant Items, Goods, and the most important Energy. As production continues to increase, and those tools or need’s are withheld from the people because of an outdated dogmatic axiom in a medium of exchange, collectively it stagnates the evolution of that society.  The want to charge for those items becomes ultimately unnecessary, and irrelevant. It further shows why we must eventually do away with this kind of thinking. If we look to people like Tesla, and Walter Russell we can see the work has already be done for about 100 ya. Of course, this is all about voluntarily sharing abundance, not coercion.

Currently, the “medium of exchange” is nothing more than evidence of our distrust to each other. Even on the Dollar bill, we have the phrase “In God We Trust” but not each other. The Ancient people knew that what you think about the most becomes your “God” in the world. Just ask yourself how many people spend they daily time thinking of nothing more than how to acquire or what to do with money. If everyone stopped using it what would happen? Would humans just stop doing everything? Or would we finally be rid of a huge barrier to our evolution, and start to see that we need not this false “God” and that what is needed is True Care and Compassion, it is logical to see where I’m going with this. When money is falsely equated with “authority” it leads to a huge power differential.

let’s take this for instance; Our children are limited to the access of food, water, shelter, and education because of State Control and the belief in Money or simply “authority.”  They cannot grow strong in learning and understanding because of this. Food, which is needed for the well-being of the child’s Biological, Spiritual, and Mental development is withheld because of this system. Right there we can see that if a society is to become better, the children must be healthy. The old as well, are limited to the access to health and wellbeing because of this outdated system. It is very illogical to believe that money is a solution. Never has been and will never be.

” When I give food to the poor they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor have no food they call me a communist.”

let’s take a look at production, currently, we are producing more items than we could use in one location while simultaneously there are other areas people are starving. They are producing more than can be used on the shelves in their own stores but then need to throw it away… Instead of doing it like that, why not continue to allow production to go up and make it Freely available?

If the item distribution especially needs, and tools of need are not being utilized in the society, does not that stagnate the productivity or creativity of that society? If one is spending all of their time working for the means to acquire even one of these tools or needs, is that not a wasted effort when there are an abundance of such tool or needs. Making the individual have less time to actually utilize the tool, thus leading to a decline of Creativity.  When does it become unnecessary to continue to withhold needed items for the evolution of the species because of monetary means? Can most even imagine a world without money? If not so, why? I leave some of these questions for you to answer.

People think that money allows you to create when in fact it is what prevents you from being able to create. It is a hampster wheel set up for the show on the stage in a cage. It is the resistor in the current, not the current its self.

Let’s take a look at the word Money; Mono; One, Ey; Eye; The One Eye. This a subliminal use of symbolism, for the purpose of a type of suggestion hypnosis. This is being associated with true care or trust with the proxy symbol and form of pseudo-care or pseudo-trust. This is why the color green is normally used on paper currency in our country because green is the heart chakra in the Veda system. The visible spectrum of light frequency ranges from ultraviolet to inferred, the middle spectrum is Green. Green being a symbol for balance growth and fluoridation. So they are subliminally using this as a proxy for your growth or true spiritual currency which is ultimately True Care.

We go back to work on Monday or Moons-day. Because all of our energy is being distributed towards this proxy form of True Care, after the Sabbath or day of rest. This is all about the sacrifice of True Care and the sacred feminine modality of out consciousness.

Money is a promissory note – hence why its declared on paper, “this NOTE” A Promise-Sorry note because there is no real value.

 (Look up Promissory note & fractional banking reserve.)

 First, before I continue into this next section I would like to make it clear that I am no scholar or well studied in economics.

If we accept that economics is a human discipline designed in its original sense, to provide for the acquiesced in and management of household goods, we can perhaps submit that, economics is not a wholly “autonomous” discipline that has no relation to other considerations about human life. Considering that most economics is based on Aristotlian “Reason,” we need to take another look at why this needs to be synchronized with our understanding of Natural Law. Aristotle was quite sure that a household, as well as the population, needs a certain amount of material goods if other ends, like the practice of virtue were to be achieved. On the one hand, human life was not exclusive of about such goods, but it still needed them and had to devote vast amounts of time and effort to produce them. On the other hand, there was a situation of too much and too little possible in-house hold and political merit material goods just like other areas. Yet, if we were to have a sufficiency, or better, an abundance of material goods. They first had to come into existence or be discovered in nature and find the proper purposes in some sort of equate a boy exchange whereby not everyone had to do everything.

The principle of specialization had already existed in Plato’s discussion of economics in the latter part of the book 2 of the Republic. The great invention of the FREE market of goods, is no doubt the grounds for hope to provide sufficient amounts of goods and services to increasing numbers of mankind. The market works because things are rightly needed and wanted. This need and the man translates into production. In Rome, we have the fair or just price which is related to the origins of Roman law. As the empire grew, there came to Rome many sorts of products from all over the world. These products were wanted and were offered to be exchanged, but often there was no uniformity of weight, measure, or quality. Needless to say, this would cause a great deal of argument and injustice.

Out of this type of system arose the Roman law, and it’s codification, sought a criterion or procedure whereby disputes about what is or is not fair to be resolved. This process seems to suggest not that the best form of justice is not what the civil judge decides but rather that the free coming into existence of goods in their exchange require some institutional “authoritarian” structure whereby disputes can be resolved so that the market can be what it is. Thus we are doing nothing but rearranging the chairs on the Titanic when it comes to these types of thought processes approaching the way we acquire an exchange for goods.

We have not fully recognized that True Care is, and what is necessary for beings to truly evolve here. We notice, that Rome was assimilating all culture but yet was very hesitant of the Nature law understand the stoics held. Natural law is the overseeing dynamic of what our consequences. We add a subjective value onto all of the unneeded items, yet the value of needs are all equal.  When it comes to this within this component, we need to first recognize that Natural Law is objective and not subjective to the perception or whims of the individual’s view.

“Money- well get back. I’m all right jack keep your hands off my stack.”

– Pink Floyd, Money, The Dark side of the moon, 1973.

(Jack is a name for the sun/son. like ” I hit the jackpot” or “sun-pot/pot of gold.”) The rainbow bridge is also a significant occult symbol which is most easily recognized through the Celtic lore of the leprechaun, with his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The green language significance of this would be Ra In Bow or In Ra’s (Egyptian Sun god) Bow. The leprechaun is also significant being that he is the mischievous trickster. 

Sun sacrifice hasn’t gone away, it has just been occulted (Hidden) within a multi-faceted network of institutions. Sacrifices don’t need to be a life, it can range from a multitude of different offerings. Which most people are paying homage to these crony capitalists pseudo-solar gods.

Personal side note; “One of the most deplorable comments that you could say to somebody is that you look like any amount of money. I can’t believe people actually refer to each other’s beauty as monetary value, I’ve heard people say you look like “$1 trillion”. Money, the most deplorable, dirty, disgusting, fake, piece of shit paper that I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with and you want to refer to others as 1 trillion to please? Got to be kidding me, money the one “god” that rules over humanity. A waste of life is the life SPENT searching, lusting, groveling, over these pieces of shit paper,” 

I’m NOT a communist nor a socialist, I think all oppressive authority are a form of slavery, that goes right along with the religion of money. let’s address this dichotomy, this what is called the Hegelian dialectic world view, that is fostered and propagated by the “Hidden Hand.” For the purpose of creating extreme opposed ideological force’s, or a divide and conquer tactic. It is also known as Controlled Opposition.

Currency is phonetically related to “current of the sea” and the word current was applied in 1747 to the flow of electrical force.  from Latin currere; “to run, move quickly” and “running, flowing.” This is synonymous with energy, and by proxy, they’re subliminally speaking to the subconscious mind to manipulate you into using this system.  The control of Energy is the control of people.

Account – Ac = Alternating Current Count, which is the count of the money in a circuit. Circuit means “to go around”  or a “current of electricity.” sad to Nikola Tesla; inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

Currency is symboliclly related to the Sacred Feminine Goddess’s of the Moon. Since the moon controls the tides or ebb and flow of the Sea or the currency. We have months which is moon-th, each month was 28 day at one time, correlating with the female menstrual cycle.

We have “savings” accounts, this is all about the “savior” complex or in other words an abdication of personal responsibility. A savings is based on “faith” or to be saved (salvation). “They keep a count of your savings.” Then there are “Trust” and “Trustees.” Obviously, there is no true trust going on here. One that is in the ideology of salvation through an external deity or God, is in a right brain imbalance. The Hero mentality is rooted in the left brain being the masculine or Solar component, and the person in the salvation mentality is in a right brain imbalance being the feminine Lunar component to the individual’s consciousness. This is ultimately what they would like to keep propagated within each individual which is internal dualism. We will get to the brain here shortly.

Who is Bill?

Bill is ultimately the one” God” of this world that the majority of humankind kneels before. While people are nitpicking over divisions of religion they’re missing the holistic picture of who rules all of the religions.

You have to pay bills or bail. ( Bill = Ba’al = SUN )

Ba’al; bayl; sometimes spelled Bael, Baël (French), Baell) is in 17th century goetic occult writings one of the seven princes of Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Ba’al mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians. which they got from the ancient ways of the Egyptians. Scholars previously associated the theonym with solar cults  Ba’al was particularly associated with the storm and fertility god Hadad and his local manifestations.

Ba’al was ranked as the first king in Hell, ruling over the East. The sun rising on the Eastern horizon ( Horus’s Zone Horus = SUN ) giving birth to a new day or year and fertile crops for the land. All of this is based in ancient sciences of agriculture, that has been perverted down the ages.

Here is a list of Ba’al words; Bill of Rights, Liberty Bell. Bull (Taurus), Bullshit, Bullseye, Bull-headed, Beliefs, bolts, balls, bulbs (light/sun), bullets, Belligerent, Balance, Ability, Bold, Baloney, Bell, Beltain, Babylon, Billionaires, Bullion, Bank bailouts, Ball games, Baller, Belle (Princess Belle) Billboards, Billing, Builders (Masonry), Bilderberg, Belgium, Mobil (more bill), Bible etc…

The Bible – Bi Bull = The Two Bulls –  which is about an ancient sacrifice ritual, they would give up a dead bull to the Bull God Moloch or Ba’al, they would also drink the blood of the bull out of a bowl. Bowl is bull: ultimately from Latin bulla (see bull ) Jesus talks in parables or a pair of bull’s.

In the zodiacal ( Zoodiac- animal types) teachings, the TAURUS is the Bull (20 Apr – May 20 Spring equinox) a Fixed, Earth Sign. This is all about fertility and planting of the new crops for the coming harvest. When you see the Taurus you get your Ox’s and Bull’s out to plow the garden beds. The Torah is the central reference of the religious Judaic tradition., Which is in reference to the Twin Sun “Gods” There are two suns, summer, and winter, bright and dark or stormy, and these are seen daily when the sun crosses the heavens bright, then sinks to the west darkening and remains dark through the night until dawn. The sun, therefore exists as twins—a bright twin and a dark twin. The sun of the full year—the complete annual movement of the sun through the zodiac—is divided into its two half yearly parts. In solar mythology, the sun god has two twin sons. These gods represent the summer and the winter but which is which depends on where you are, their lives are intertwined in the annual cycle and give us the dualistic ideas that preceded the regression to monotheism.

There are many different forms of dark rituals being performed to this day, if we look to rituals, like the ones coming from Laveyan Satanism called the church of Satan, they were divided into three basic categories, compassion, destruction, and sex rituals. Compassion rituals are held to influence agenda in favor of the grotto’s desire or desires of the wider Satanic network. Destruction rituals are held to direct eccentric energy towards individual or group enemies. Sex rituals are held for forming family bonds between members of the group, or to influence such bonds with outsiders who could be used to advance the overall agenda. Also obviously sex rituals are used in the hands of pedophilia and dark immoral abusive sexual encounters behind-the-scenes. Most people would not look at it this way but we have political rituals taking place constantly, animal slaughter rituals that goes on within the meat industry unquestioned, there’s trauma based mind control rituals such as 9/11, and the biggest ritual of them all War: modern human sacrifice.

“The torus, or primary pattern, is an energy dynamic that looks like a doughnut – it’s a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. You can see it everywhere – in atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, planets, suns, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole.” – Nassim Haramem

 Moloch is another version of the Ba’al.

Moloch/Molech (Set/Saturn) Moloch was represented as a huge bronze statue with the head of a bull. The statue was hollow, and inside there burned a fire which colored the Moloch a glowing red. Children were placed on the hands of the statue. Through an ingenious system, the hands were raised to the mouth (as if Moloch were eating) and the children fell into the fire where they were consumed by the flames.  The people gathered before the Moloch were dancing on the sounds of flutes and tambourines to drown out the screams of the victims. According to some sources, the Moloch in the Old Testament is not a god, but a specific form of sacrifice. This is where my work is taking us, that this can me in multi-forms and used in a verity of ways.   Death is always seen holding the scythe which is a portion of the rings of Saturn. The “Lord of the Rings” is Saturn.

(See Cult of the Black Sun)

Moloch is also symbolized as an Owl. Each year on May 1 which marks the Celtic festival of Beltane, ( Beltane; “fires of Bel,” in honor of the Celtic sun god, Belenus.) Also referred to as MayDay. As spring is underway and summer approaches, Offerings, and sacrifice are given for the purpose of bringing in new fresh crops for the year. But man other reason Beltaine Festival also called Walpurgis Night.  Great bonfires are lit in front of a giant owl on the Eve of Beltaine, April 30, in order to welcome the Earth Goddess. Participants hope to gain favor with this goddess so she will bless their families with procreative fertility. Rituals were performed to “protect” the cattle, crops, people, and to encourage growth. We find it interesting that the Royal House of Windsor lights a Beltaine “Balefire” every year”  ( America’s Occult Holidays”, Doc Marquis, p. 30)

Mayday is the Communist high holiday, Walpurgisnacht or Walpurgis night, at Bohemian Grove the cremation of care takes place, where a not so secret gathering of rich, famous, aristocratic, royal, people gather to burn their care away for the coming year. Knowing that they are going to be performing wrong deeds in the coming year they are preemptively forgiving themselves for their harm onto humanity, thus relieving them of the ideological burden of their form of karma.

Many say that human sacrifice takes place behind the scenes at these rituals. I’m sure that there is still animal and human sacrifice going on at a lot of these ritual performances, the evidence seems astounding. The biggest ritual is the ritual of war, where all human sacrifice currently takes place, events like 9/11 have been speculated to be human sacrifice ritual performed by the dark occult or hidden hand. I concur with this information. 9/11 was definitely a sacrifice ritual. ( 9/11 was a form trauma-based mind control.)

On the third day after the spring equinox, the sun breaks past the equator, and fully emerges from its “tomb” of the southern hemisphere. This represents the sun rising from the dead and out of its coffin, to begin its journey towards its highest power at the summer solstice. In sun worshiping traditions, animal and sometimes human sacrifice were offered during the 40 days between spring equinox and Mayday. This is the planting season, and the sacrifices were made to the sun and earth to ensure a bountiful harvest at the end of the year. The 40 days between March 22 and Mayday are the occult season of sacrifice. 40 days are a significant symbolic time In biblical and occult terms.

Be particularly vigilant for false flag events and potential human sacrifice rituals during this time.  infiltrated and permeated all institutions walks of life on earth. They maintain their control over human population through their manipulation of these institutions. This is not only possible, but relatively easy for them to accomplish. Since the structure of all these institutions is based upon a hierarchy and compartmentalization.

The ancient dark occult religions comprise of diverse, interconnected networks of worldwide adherence. At it’s ideological core, this Dark Religion postulates that knowledge of human psyche and knowledge of the laws of the universe should be occulted and held by the few human beings in power. It’s much more accurate to perceive these dark occultist in general as ancient psychologists to hold and wield hidden information in ways which exploit those who remain ignorant of it. Through the power differential they gain by way of manipulating those who remain in ignorance of this occult knowledge, this small minority who are in the no wish to permanently rule the masses of humanity and effectively become God on earth it is important to understand that, contrary to popular belief money is one of the main routes and weapons of the dark occultist. Because these ancient dark psychologists understand what the ideological belief or axiom in money does to the human psyche and ultimately leads to specific behaviors in manifestation, they know that this is one of the most powerful weapons they can wield against the minds of humanity.

Let’s look at the word parallel which is a pair of L’s or LL – Eleven = L even or L evened = 11. Two pillars (Freemasonry), or Twin Towers.  The two pillars symbolize the feminine and masculine elements or components in nature and within ourselves. Later as a tradition became corrupted they started to stand for the authority of church and state because on one stated occasion the high priest stood before one pillar in the king before the other. The two pillars go far back into antiquity into the origins of the study of the stars. Below shows the 1st° Freemason tracing board also known as Solomon’s Temple. The twin Towers and building seven are analog symbols to the three pillars of the self. 9/11 was a form of trauma base mind control to root a symbolic trauma within the subconscious of the individual so that it can be triggered over and over in the future for certain possible behavioral outcomes.

 This can be a reference to the Kabbalah’s tree of life, this also has significance in the tarot. In the Kabbalah nine and 11 are taboo to numbers, and are specifically used by dark occultist for ritualistic purposes since dark occultist use many types of coded forms of symbolic influencing they like to refer to numerology and gematria, one of the hidden tactics to put their name brand on the events or such thing that they intend to deploy against the masses. 9/11 was completely a dark occult ritual intended to instill trauma into the minds and psyche of the populace. which is a fear-based tactic of manipulation not only for that present moment agenda, but for the upcoming triggering moments that they will set into play in near future.

 It is also possible that Tesla’s technology was used to collapse the pillars, see the dark work of Tesla’s technology presentation by Mark Passio or Judy Wood’s presentation.

Moving on.

We have EL; an instrumental word-forming element, expressing “appliance, tool.” from Hebrew, plural Elohim “God’s”. EL is also referred to as Kronos or the God of time. ( See Jordan Maxwell’s work) there are so many words that we can go over but I will give a small list, Elite, Elevator, Elect, Elder, Elements, Electricity, Israel ( Isis- Ra- El ) etc.

Working for Bill to get Bills so you can pay Bills. (be-ill) The Big Cult Of Bill Worship. Everyone wants “change,” but who is willing to change?

What is all this about? well, this is about the Solar Cult Doctrine, that has permeated to ever part of this world. One key thing that I’ve noticed is the anthropomorphization of elemental powers through solar doctrine, we can clearly see this in things like the zodiac, Egyptian and Greek art, and the most common teachings of Christianity being that Jesus/Horus is a symbol of the sun that has been anthropomorphized. When you start to see anthropomorphicaztion of elemental powers you can follow the idea and start to see the roots of authority.

The journey of the sun is relating to the hero myth. The first phase is the call to the adventure as Joseph Campbell referred, this is the initiation for son, which rises to his apex, the climax of the heroes of venture and then his fall the decay and death of the hero thus giving way for a renewed cycle. We need not look any further than the Arthurian legend to understand any of this and how the King is directly related or connected land, as the King becomes ill thus the land becomes ill and the crops die, giving the call for the hero. It is his choice to answer or not and proceed on his journey or quest to renew fertility back to the kingdom. There is so much more to extrapolate from this. I can not cover all this information more just a synthesis of language and how it is being used. You will have to do your own research and fill in the gaps. I recommend reading from ritual to romance by Jesse L Weston.

What is a religion?

Not surprisingly it’s very similar to a cult. Let’s take a look at the word.

Religion; from the latin verb Religare: To tie back; To hold back; To thwart from forward progress; Binding.

So, what do I mean when I say the word religion? Well, I’m speaking of a system of control based in an unchallenged dogmatic belief, that affects the Freedoms of others.

– There is a positive attribute to religion as well, and that is to tie you back from immorality, to bind you to truth or natural law. This is what I would refer to as a true religion, all the religions that I’ve been speaking of in this presentation are false or pseudo-religions. A lot of people also do not agree with this definition being that they think it means to read or to re-read something which is ultimately rooted in a corrupt etymological definition. –

There are two world religions that are binding humanity back from Free Energy, and Freedom. The control of Energy is a form of slavery. For Free Energy to emerge, we must abandon these religions.

Religion 1 – Authority; The erroneous dogmatic belief that some people are Masters who have the moral right to issue commands, and other are slaves who have the moral obligation to obey the Masters.

Religion 2 – Money; A belief-based system of control, built upon fear of scarcity, which is designed to limit the access to Energy.

Both of these are based in Violence and built upon Dogma. Do see a pattern here yet? The thwarting of human consciousness, and Freedom.

“And Jesus went into the temple of “God”, and cast out all them who sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers” Mathew 21:12

There is only two real currency’s, and they are called Time and Attention. Thus why we say thing’s like “spending time” or “Paying attention”

Solar Time and Money go “hand in hand.” 

Our time cycles are based in solar doctrine, our work cycles are based off of our time cycles which is based in solar doctrine. I hope this is starting to build a cohesive pattern in the mind of individuals. So that they can readily see they are completely submerged in a solar doctrine religion that has permeated all parts of the world for thousands of years.

– The four main tenants of this ancient dark occult religion that they want to propagate to the masses but not adhere to themselves are –

1. Moral relativism 2. Social Darwinism 3. Epi- eugenics ( population control through mind control – see Bruce Lipton’s work on epi-genetics ) 4. Complete selfishness.

The axiom of money is completely intertwined with these four tenants. –

let’s now look at the brain’s basic functions and the 2 principles/pillars of the Self.


The Neocortex –

  • The Telencephalon

  • The majority of human thought takes place in the outer area of the telencephalon, the neocortex

  • The neocortex governs all higher-order thinking and comprises two hemispheres.

  • There is no more complex object in the known universe than the frontal portions of the human neocortex.

The Limbic system –

  • Governs the chemical interactions through which we experience our emotions

  • The Middle Chamber (Freemasonry) The Keystone

  • Pituitary and the Pineal Gland or Organ.

R-complex –

  • Reptiles do not have the mammal brain, this is why they are governed by instinct, are “cold-blooded”, and do not experience emotions.

  • The Cerebellum

  • facilitates and makes use of survival functions, basic instincts, primal fears.

Left Brain is correlated to the Masculine side of consciousness or Yang.
– Logic, science, analytical thought etc.
( Everything rooted in the physical world; matter, language, sensory, action etc.) If this side becomes chronically dominate, the individual will be ruled by the r-complex. ( Cerebellum )

Right Brain is correlated to the Feminine side of consciousness or Yin.
– Holistic, intuitive, nurturing thought, Creativity (art, music, dance etc.) If this side becomes chronically dominate the individual will be ruled by the Limbic system.

Neither one of these should dominate the other in a balanced individual.
It’s not that one side is better than the other; they must both be utilized and brought to a balance.

The left and right neocortex are connected by the corpus callosum in between the two hemispheres. The corpus callosum sends information between the two hemispheres of the brain if the brain is working properly.

When we go into the flight or flight response, blood is sent away from the torso and the head and sent to the extremities. Due to our hectic modern lifestyle, most people are frequently under stress and therefore largely remain in the reptile brain. The belief in money roots us in the R-complex because money is a scarcity based system, it’s mostly about survival. Remaining in the reptile brain damages the higher regions of the brain.

  • When all three are working in balance, our left and right and Midbrain are in what is called Global EEG Coherence or in other words, both the left and right brain hemispheres are firing in unison and in harmony. When you bring the left and right brain hemispheres into harmony, the human neocortex acts in its proper role as the executive command center of the whole brain complex. A person who is living in balance in themselves and, as such, is capable of living in balance with others and their environment.  As they think, so they fell, so they act. Unfortunately, as many as 95% of people are in a state of either left or right brain imbalance. This state of consciousness is often called The Chemical (Alchemical) Wedding.

  • Mind control tactics are used to place someone in one state of imbalance or another–either in left brained imbalance or right brained imbalance.

  • The person is not governed by an out of control emotional state, nor a total fight or flight stress mode and the desire to control other people.They have achieved “dominion”: self-ownership, self-governance, self-rulership. They are not divided amongst themselves or what I call the internal dualism schism.

Ultimately what happens when we become a species that cannot disconnect from this outdated system of money, it stagnates the overall growth and ascension or evolution of the species. When we become chronically imbalance with money we become rooted in the survive and flight complex or the reptilian component to our brain and psyche, basing most of our activities out of social Darwinism, and moral relativity. When we become locked in this modality of consciousness we damaged the frontal cortex of the brain hemispheres, and do not grow or prosper individually and collectively.  Since the majority of the command functions of the individual are being routed through the R-complex of the brain it is limiting access to higher level of awareness and consciousness.

Ancient teachings have tried to show us the importance of a healthy balance between both energies; therefore we must take their advice and strive to unite the intellect, logic, action, and will (masculine) with the heart-based compassion, empathy, creativity, and intuition of the feminine. Once we do so, we will shatter the illusion of external authority and stop looking for ‘leaders’ (rulers) to guide us and realize that we are all sovereign beings.

The two Sacred Principles of the Self – These are the two pillars of enlightenment and internal non-duality. True Self Cohesion.

– The non-aggression Principle (feminine) states that it is ALWAYS immoral to initiate violence against others that have not initiated violence or threatened to initiate violence against you. The vast majority of people already live according to this principle in their daily life and do not seek to harm others, even in times of intense debate and argumentation.

– The self-defense Principle (masculine) states that it is ALWAYS justified to respond with physical force when someone initiates violence against you. If for example, a burglar breaks into your home and you have the means to physically defend yourself, you absolutely have the natural right to do so, even if it results in the death of the initiator of violence. In Freemasonry, this is the pillar of serenity or strength.

Both of these principles must be united and act as one for being to truly be in the higher state of consciousness that we are looking for. As long as we are divided we will always be conquered. And if we are looking to solve the issues of the world that we have been facing for thousands of years we need to understand that no problem can be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it. Collectively we must rise above the level of consciousness that has created the problem.

“There are two possible functions of logic, one cerebral or mechanical, the other vital or innate. The mechanical or syllogistic logic of quantifying results from a comparison of concrete or definite elements. vital logic is the logic of Genesis or generation of a material form: it is the crystallization by time of the abstract causing twos spatial concrete form. The method of mechanical or cerebral logic is analytical. Vital logic requires the faculties of synthesis as spatial vision.
It seems foley to admit that there is any logic other than The classical syllogism. How can one arrive at a conclusion when the given elements are abstract? Obviously, this is only possible if in immutable law governs becoming ( natural law ) The great go unrecognized merits of hermeticism was to formulate this law. Because of the obsession with alchemy, the mirage of gold, the philosophy of hermeticism has been neglected. Yet there is no difference between this formulation and the pronouncement of the mosaic Genesis which, in its essence, we encounter an all sacred text.”
– R.A. Schwaller

Returning to Maritime Admiralty Law, we see in a courtroom setting, the dock is an enclosed space where the defendant stands or sits in a court of law. In nautical term’s a dock is a structure extending alongshore or out from the shore into a body of water, to which boats may be moored. When you go to court; your case is placed in a Docket. A Docket is an abridged entry of a judgment or proceeding in an action or register of such entries; a book of original, kept by clerks of courts, containing a formal list of the names of parties, and minutes of the proceedings, in each case in court. You play ball games on a court, like tennis, which is played with a racket because courts are a racket. You have to pass a watergate in the courtroom. (Interesting to note the Watergate scandal)

Jury Rig is a nautical term describing something that is assembled in a makeshift manner offering nothing more than a temporary solution. It originates from the nautical term “jury mast,” which is a temporary mast made from any available pole when the mast has become damaged or lost overboard. This term gave rise to the term ‘jury rigging‘ to describe an attempt to place certain persons as jurors in a court proceeding in an effort to assure a particular legal decision.

Jurisdiction from the Latin noun jus, juris; “law” in the Latin verb dictere; “to speak; to say.” Jurisdiction literally means to say what the law is. Thus they are claiming to be the creator of law under their dominion man’s law. “to create a rights” or in other words to arbitrarily dictate what rights are. Not what they truly are but what a single or a grouping of individual decides they are. Thus claiming to be the authorities or authors of the “writes or rights”. Or more accurately put man claiming to be “God.”

Question: Where do you find a bank? Answer: On both sides of a river.

River Banks (banks) control the current (currency) or flow of water (money). If you are losing your house, they say your house is under water.When you have a lot of debts, they say, you’re drowning in debt.  The verb bail also means to scoop water out of a boat. We say to someone, “money goes through your hands like water”.

Common law or the law of the land is what is lawful; Statute Law or Maritime Law, the law of the ocean; is what we call legal. The law of the Sea/Ocean is banking law. It is international by nature. ( Truly there is no such thing as man’s law only a claim. )

Banking  is “legalized robbery.” It is legal under statute law, but it’s still robbery. There are two different versions of what is officially the “law” or allowed in the United States.

There are “land laws” and there are “sea laws”. Land laws are different according to where you are. What you can do in England you can’t do in Egypt. What you can do in South Africa you may not be able to do in France. These are known as “The Law of the Land” and they vary from place to place. it encompass’s all other laws that have to do with land transactions. However, Sea/Ocean/Maritime laws are international. They are the same no matter where you are. this encompass’s ALL MAN”S LAW including law of the land.

Maritime “law”  emerged by way of the ancient Phoenicians/Sumerians, but the ideas came from Eygpt.  Phoenicians were commonly known as seafaring people, and hand the first known merchants. ( mer= water) The Human “body” is mostly water. We think that a “person” is a human being, but under the “legal” definition of Statute Law a person is a Corporation and, to meet the criteria of Maritime Law, the Uniform Commercial Code, the person represents a ship, in effect.

Inflation; Like – Inflation raft – used to save people drowning at sea. Which is all about rescue or savior mentality. Of course, no recuse boat will ever arrive there is no “legitimate” rescue that is going to arrive, just as it has never arrived before and never will in the consciousness level that we are at now. This mentality of religious “savior” showing up or the arrival of an extraterrestrial rescue ( or anything of similar ideology) only encourages ignorance, complacency, and COWardness. In fact, it is one of the main roots of the issues that we are facing today. externalization of self-responsibility. The “outside savior” program is a sham. This is what Solar Cult worship does. A float as in cash register float….

The revenue cutter service; a merchants ship is called revenue cutters.  like to cut a check.  To cut is to divide or to cleave: to split. If you are drowning in debt the ‘loan sharks” come after you, which are water predators. (A loan is alone.)

A “Check” is from the middle English “chek” and Anglo-french “eschec”. This is rooted in Arabic “shAh” and in Persian that literally meant “king”; this is why the word “check” is used in chess when the king is in danger of being taken out. To “cut” a “check” is to “cut a king”

A “Deal” is the planks of softwood (like pine-board) on the boat deck. which is referring to the area where “goods’ are to be sold on the deck of merchant ships. The deals were made on the deals of the ship. also, this is why we have a “deck” of cards and a dealer, where each player gets a “deal”. In a business, a salesman will “cut” you a “deal”. ( deals (wood) needed to be cut to make a deck of a ship)

Merchants; Mer; ocean, sea, or water. thus we get things like mer-maid; Sea maiden. Chant is a repetitive song or a spell. like to enchant. The mer-chant is the water chanter who repeats their song of sail, for more customers. Also, merchandise is merchant-dice. Dice as in, to roll, or cut.

“Rolling in the dough”

(Also see fascination or the evil eye. The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology by Rossell Robbins)

The wind blowing currently on the sales/sails makes the boat move forward.  (see “wind fall”) liquidation is another one but I’m not going into that here, just wanted to show the link to the water of the sea, and wind.

Cash; is money in the form of bills or coins, or also know as a “cache”. The cash “flow”, synonymous with water and electricity yet again.  A synonym for cache is “bury”, and cache could be a liken to a casket. Cache means money box and are dead our buried in box’s called caskets or coffins. In french we have the word casse meaning “broke” thus giving us for when we are out of money/energy you are said to be “broke”. We say animals are broken we they have been trained. We have court case’s, which is a container, satchel or box. Courts = Graveyard.

Jordan Maxwell, one of the leading researchers in the United States on the Uniform Commercial Code scam, explains how this system is applied to every child born in the United States. According to Maxwell, your birth/berth certificate is a security on the New York Stock Exchange. On the right-hand corner, you will have a series of red numbers… those are a security number on the world stock exchange.Go to any good stock office and ask them to check these numbers in the computer and see what this stock is worth. They will check it on the New York Stock Exchange and find you.Your birth certificate is a stock on the stock exchange in America.


Because they are claiming to own your body and you are worth “money” to the international banks, but more so it is about keeping Slavery going… They don’t care about money, they make the money…. we need to wake up.

The United States flags in every federal building, court, school, or wherever, are framed with a gold/yellow ( Gold bar ) fringe because of the meaning this has in maritime law. Whenever the president makes an address on television or speaks in a federal setting you will see the “American Flag” behind him with a gold/yellow fringe. Once again this is Maritime/Admiralty Law. Under the International Law of the Flags, the type of flag displayed by a ship decrees the law that applies aboard that vessel. By going aboard you are accepting the jurisdiction of the law that applies to that flag. The same happens with foreign embassies. The flag they fly ensures that the law of the country they represent applies within the confines of the embassy.

An article at put it this way: When you enter into a courtroom displaying a gold or yellow fringed flag, you have just entered into a foreign country, and you better have your passport with you, because you may not be coming back to the land of the free for a long time. The judge sit’s under a gold or yellow fringe flag becomes the  “captain” or the  “master” of that ship or enclave and he has absolute power to make the rules as he goes. The gold or yellow fringe flag is your warning that you are leaving your constitutionally secured rights on the floor outside the door to that courtroom. A flag with a gold fringe indicates Admiralty Law and when you appear in a court displaying a flag of that nature you are agreeing to be tried under Statute Law, the law of the sea that applies to a legal fiction and not to you, the living, breathing human being with a Soul.

All ships are female, and she delivers a product. Females produce products. Labor, Delivery Room, Birth, Ship, “she” delivers products. When products are delivered, they need a certificate of Manifest. What is on the ship is on its manifest. Humans are Maritime Admiralty products; they also have Certificate of manifesto or “Birth Certificate.”On the bottom of Birth Certificate, shows our “Informant” are our Parents. We are then a property of the Department of Commerce. All humans are “Stock.” 

As soon as people are born, they are the property of the government in which they live. The United States is different than the United States of America. Constitution of  USA formed in 1776 and the Constitution of the US 1871. US Inc. United states is a corporation. Formed in Delaware in 1871.

All Citizens are governed under Corporate Law/Man’s Law. All Governments are indeed corporations and act as such. They act in behalf of the corporation and not the people. All cities are under corporate limits, which is a Corporation limit.

A corporation must have a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure. Hence, the USA Inc formed in Act of 1871. A US Citizen is an employee of the US Inc. Jordan discusses the difference. Rome once ruled the world. Cesar once ruled from “the hill”. Washington DC (Capitol Hill), the new Rome, as Washington DC is a version of a new Rome or Empire.

When you set up a corporation you must have these three things:

1. A President.

2. A Vice-President.

3. A Secretary-Treasurer.

Just like we have with the United States. Yes, the U.S. is a Corporation. A privately owned company and has nothing to do with The United States of America.The United States of America – The Republic was founded in 1776 and the United States the Corporation was formed in 1871.Ulysses S. Grant was President of the United States in 1871 when the corporation was formed. Funny his first two initials are U.S. A U.S. citizen is an employee of the United States Corporation which is a business.

The word “citizen” means “employee” according to the laws of the United States Corporation. The word yard, as in backyard, or front yard comes from the word stockyard. You know yards, places for your children to play in. A stockyard is a yard for stock; specifically, one in which transient cattle, sheep, swine, or horses are kept temporarily for slaughter, market, or shipping. All humans are “Stock” like cattle. 

Human stock = Slavery.

“Even the striving for equality by means of a directed economy can result only in an officially enforced inequality – an authoritarian determination of the status of each individual in the new hierarchical order.”

– Friedrich August von Hayek

(See Gustave le Bon’s; The Crowd.)

Government; from the Latin verb Guvernare; “to control”, and the Latin noun; mens, mente; “Mind” meaning Mind Control. The word government literally means Mind Control and to support it you must be under.

The latin word “pepere” gave rise to the old high German ‘feder’ (“wing”) is where the word “federal” comes from. ( Federal Re-Serve )  In seas terms to “feather” is to turn an oar while rowing. The word feather is linked to the word father in occult etymology. “Feather” is linked to Old Dutch “vader”  which translates to “father”. Which we all recognise as Darth Vader, father to Luke Skywalker – The name Luc orignates from the latin lux meaning Light.  The Light that walks the sky, which is the sun.

 The Heros journey – see Joseph Campbell’s work.

 In competitions we have the top three which is relating to the 3° of Freemasonry, first Place receives gold award relating to the sun, second place receives a silver award relating to the moon, third Place receives a bronze award relating to the earth. Gold has always been a symbol for the sun whether it be alchemically or religiously.

Solar symbolism is often used in the corporate world to subliminally influence people to be  attracted their product whether it is quality or not. Here are a few that we all can easily recognize as solar symbolism.

All of these are associated to the sun or that which brings energy movement life light knowledge etc. all of these are intentionally placed to speak to the subconscious, on the subconscious level one instantly recognizes these symbols.

(Look into Carl Joung’s work on the archetypal realm)

The Strawman –  In the Wonderful Wizard of OZ By L.Frank Baun, the ScareCrow/Strawman is a refinance to the Maritime Admiralty Law, and how they have transformed Natural being into a product under a corporation, without a brain. Even know this is not really the truth, that being, you’re a Sovereign Being no matter what they claim or do.

The Scarecrow/Strawman is a walking Corporation or a Corps; Corpse;  The Dead. As in The Walking Dead. The “judge” of the dead who sits on the ” bench” or “banks of the dead.” To cash/cache a check/king is to deposit the dead/debt into the dead sun/king. Bench in german is “bank’. This is all about the birth/grow/decay/death of the sun, and rooted in agriculture.  ( To “overthrow” the “seat” (bench/bank) means that the roles are being reversed, the dead are brought/bought back to life and the living are brought back to the banks of the dead. The cycle and re-cycle of the sun.

It’s also interesting that each doctor parents to sign the birth certificate get an extra amount on their paycheck I believe it is 10,000$ [per] certificate.

We say “Good morning” or “Mourning” which is all about the sun/son raising/rising out of its tomb/coffin/casket, resurrection and “rebirth” or we “a wake” in the morning.  (a social gathering associated with death, usually held before a funeral.)

Mortgage; From the two french words ‘mort’ meaning “death” (thus giving us the word “mortal”) and ‘gage’ meaning “pledge.” A mortgage is a “pledge of death” or a “pledge to the dead.”

Commerce and religion go hand in hand. Commerce is a Religion rooted in the perversion of the ancient mystery traditions.Admiralty law is a body of private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans. This law has be imposed of all natural human beings.

Admiralty law is a body of private international law governing the relationships between private entities which operate vessels on the oceans. This law has be imposed of all natural human beings.

The boat is a male phallic symbol that docks in the female port, which then proceeds to unload its “seamen.” then the “port” gives birth to the product into the country. People are used as coladollor for the debt to the word bankers.

Capitis Diminutio Maxima is the highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights. Capitis diminutio media. A lesser or medium loss of status. This occurred where a man lost his rights of citizenship, but without losing his liberty. It carried away also the family rights. Capitis diminutio minima. Tile lowest or least comprehensive degree of loss of status. This occurred where a man’s family relations alone were changed. It happened upon the arrogation of a person who had been his own master, (sui juris,) or upon the emancipation of one who had been under the patria potestas.

You may take notice that most of your legal documents are acting under one of these statements above.

In the court room when you pass the watergates you have now entered on the ship or deals so now business may take place and its time ” to make deals”  the judge is acting as captain or banker is responsible for settling the balance between the two sides. this is why there is always a monetary value in any court proceedings. All “man’s law”  is applied to those who are slaves to that society. The sock is likened to a stockade, bonds are referring to bondage.


This is not meant to incite fear , nor is this meant to influence you into just dropping all use of currency. There is a lot of work to be done before we ever reached a level of completely detaching from this belief system. We all must make compromises, especially at the critical crescendo or threshold that we are all at. But the first thing that must be worked on is our own Mind and Hearts. If anything I hope this inspires you to take another look at your own beliefs and do the introspection work that is necessary to ask some of these critical questions and put your mind to work to understand this knowledge in a deeper and clearer way. I’m not asking any of you to believe me, the worst thing you could do is believe me do your own due diligence into the understanding of truth and come to your own conclusions based in your own work.

None of these ideas will ever work through any kind of communist or socialist system, all this must be done out of volunteer effort with no state control or coercion, in other word’s the absence of violence. There can be no wrongful acquirement of other people’s property to give out to other people. There are two basic requirements for any of this to manifest which I will cover in part two. But underlying these two basic requirements there is the simple one requirement of there can be no destruction of other people’s freedom.

This is the end of part one, I will be in part two we will be putting a finer point in all this information and bringing the tapestry together in the next part. We will also cover some other stuff such as alchemy, hermeticism, orderfollowers, man’s law versus natural law, and solutions.

 I hope some of this can clearly show you how the monetary system and government are based in a dogmatic religion.

Some sources provided below.

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 So many sources for this information so I’m not giving them all,  you must do your own due diligence but I highly recommend that you go straight to Mark’s page and start on podcast number one chronologically moves through it to gain the information necessary. 

Thank you for reading and part two will be out shortly.

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