A brief overview of my journey. Part 1

I want to give a thank you to all that have helped and supported us over the years. I’ll try to give a decent overview, from what I understand, and what I have experienced by focusing on some of the most critical scenarios that have taking place. This overview is not the totality of the story. Instead, this is merely a summary of the amazing changes that I have gone through by being involved in such an environment and a clear explanation of the history. I think Skatopia is a unique environment. It’s hard for me to explain with few words. Considering that most people only knew the crap which came from the mass media taking place at skatopia, I notice that the majority of people only understand a small percentage of what the essence of the site is, and what happens here, in reality. Leaving the rest up in the air as hearsay, and rumors. This glimpse into the progression that I have made in my life towards a better future, despite the seemingly impossible odds. Pulling my consciousness out of ignorance, self-doubt, self-loathing, fear, apathy, and hedonism. I can think of no better story in my life that I can give to you as an example. The story of my initiation process, and journey into self-healing, truth, love, and sovereignty.

I’ve been through a lot, most of us have, and I feel that sharing a portion of my story could help others in their lives. If anything, it is simply a story to reach out, in hope to inspire others to understand that they do have the power to create great positive change in their lives and others, even in the face of the difficulties, challenges, or hardships. We must remember never to give up, to never lay down like a wet rag and conform to the false axioms of other people.

I’ll start with a brief background story, I was raised around amazing people, their great care, and knowledge. If it wasn’t for these very powerful influences in my life, I am sure I would be nothing more than the empty shell of a being, controlled from the outside like a puppet on strings. If I happen to have seen farther than another, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Skatopia is a backyard skate park located in Southeastern, OH in The United States Of America. Established in 1995, by a group of wild skateboarders from across the country. My father and his friends had some of the biggest wildest parties in Parkersburg, WV during his teen years, and he knew a lot of people that had the “rebel” and the late 70’s skate punk attitude. The Skatopia parties, and the mentality behind it, apparently came from the overall condition of the world.

The Skatopia past has been equally a positive and negative journey, we have expanded to vast new horizons, built incredible opportunities for people of all ages and all skills. Originally, the Skatopia was just a few individuals. Skatopia was not well known, this group of wild skateboarders, simply had intentions of getting away from the oppression of the system, finding an environment in which they could grow, thrive, skate and have fun within their lives, without the coercive government hanging over their head all the time. It’s hard for anybody to create anything while living in cities. Most cities are heavily strapped down with regulations, and limitations.

This group of wild skaters got together to create an opportunity for like-minded individuals to come and experience opportunities away from such violent oppression onto their Rights. The “founders” of this place had no idea what they were truly creating, nor did they understand the responsibility that came with such a creation. A lot of them were people, who were still living through hedonistic views, and just trying to escape the problems in the world and at home. Good intentions can pave the road to hell. We were building a stairway to heaven and paving the road to hell.

Over the years Skatopia was growing, and there were the two annual events which are still going on today, known as Bowl Bash and Backwoods Blowout… We’ve had over 1000 bands play here, and thousands of professional skateboarders have visited from Tony Hawk, Bam, to Steve Cab. For a few years, we were in a lot of skate magazines, including publications such as skateboarder magazine, Thrasher, Juice Magazine, Slap Magazine, Big Bother, and many others. We’ve also been on many different television shows including Real TV, Blue Torch, Extreme TV, MTV, a few talk shows. There are two Skatopia Skate films; The Punisher, and Goin All Night, a very well-known documentary Skatopia: 88 Acres of Anarchy, which has aired on Netflix. Also, a few out of the country television shows, and films.

As more people discovered Skatopia, the network grew, the fame grew, and different opportunities arose. The ideas about the direction to take skatopia in were in abundance. One of the primary goals that eventually spawned was having a giant festive and building an amphitheater, proceeding to have big name bands like Slayer come which would bring in “thousands” of people.

Brewce’s accident was June 18th, 2009, which was the icing on the cake. Many people came together, from all over, to show their love, to help keep the place alive, and to help Brewce’s healing process. Due to the extremities of Brewce’s condition, it was tough for some even to stay around him for extended periods of time. He was a threat to himself and a threat to others. He suffered from extreme impact trauma to the left frontal lobe of the brain hemispheres, and limbic system. Having three hematomas, he was treated with multiple surgeries, having a significant portion of his skull removed and replaced with a synthetic piece. He finally was released from the hospital to a rehabilitation center in Columbus Ohio. Eventually, I signed him out of the rehabilitation center, seeing that it was doing him more overall harm and not progressing his healing in any way, shape, or form.

I, at this time, was not involved too much in the overall direction or taking on any true responsibilities for the betterment and growth. Skateboarding and partying were pretty much the only things on my mind. But at this point, I did recognize that there was a lot of problems going on that were leading to the climax of an overall issue. Things started to hit rocks on the road, especially with Brewce’s accident playing out pre-to the event (June 18th, 2009). We built the amphitheater and had a festival known as American Skate Fest June 25-27th 2010. The event seemed like a very ambitious idea in my mind. Almost too ambitious to the point where I could see how dramatically it could fail. Overall the show was very surprising, bands like Gwar, Agent Orange, D.I.R, Black Flag, and many others played here.

I was in ignorance of the overall process of how the setup of the event was being handled, and taken care of through monetary means. Also around this time the documentary was already well in the works. I was “all for it”, of course being in my ignorant state, I had no idea of the actual consequences that would unfold, nor did I want to know. The Skate Fest resulted with an enormous debt over a few people’s heads, combined with leaving an overall “bad reputation”, my father’s accident, and all of the hedonism we were attracting, we can readily see how this could be an extreme downfall to the overall progression and sustainability of the Skatopia.

The Premiere of the Skatopia Movie/documentary was shown in a few different states across the country. I did the best I could to step into it a better position to help. We proceeded to do the movie premiere tour, even though my father was not capable of joining. I took a group of individuals (with the help from the film production company) across the country and back. I still hadn’t fully, and genuinely come to recognize the weight of the current scenario. I wasn’t in the best place, nor in a very conscious mindset at this time in my life. Deep depression set on me daily, and I struggle to hang on to what motivation I did have. Once the movie premiere tour had ended, I simply just started to try to escape from the current situation slowly, even more, there is, of course, lots of trauma still embedded in my subconscious which I had not been dealing with very well.

I did end up leaving the Skatopia and started to remove all contact with acquaintances for a time. Brewce’s mental condition from the accident had escalated to extreme circumstances, which I was just not capable of coping nor did I have the knowledge or the care even to try at this time. There are no words that can truly describe the state of darkness in my mind. Skatopia came to a stop, and people decided to leave. A lot of great friend’s passed around this time. I’m putting this mildly, to say the least, anything I could tell you it has been at least ten folds worse.

I was visiting with my family during the hypocritical holiday called Christmas, I had moved in and out of the farm, but I always returned for the holidays. My Grandmother, uncle, and aunt are my favorite to visit, not getting the see them very often, it’s one of the reasons I still continue to go. I had personally looked to my uncle for advice in playing guitar, and his discipline in music inspired me to work harder. He approached me and asked me what the definition of anarchy was. My uncle told me to write my answer on a piece of paper, being that I was so introverted and passive, I was not interested in complying with this, but hesitantly I engaged and answered his question with the words only, self-governing or self-government. Since I was raised in such a unique environment my entire life, which is a whole another story, it had led me to a good firm foundation about, at least, a broad overview of the conceptual ideas of anarchy, and many others. For example, my father made me read Animal Farm, and 1984 before the age of 13, and I had visited a good portion of the world.

A look of hope gleamed from Doug’s eyes, as he gave me a long, inspiring conversation which led to his tip of looking into Mark Passio. (Late 2012) I was already very fluent with information from Zeitgeist, Esoteric Agenda, and Kymatica. These three pretty much being like a mantra to me. I was still only touching the tip of the iceberg. Little did I know how big the iceberg truly was… I’m not sure how long it took me to take his advice, but I know that as soon as I did, my focus was relentless. Something deep inside me stirred daily, thirsting for more knowledge, day and night, listening and watching not only Mark’s work but many other researchers. My initiation process into the deeper understanding of the esoteric knowledge had begun. I had briefly caught glimpses of the importance, but not fully able to recognize how valuable, and how critical it was to understanding anarchy and freedom, and the current condition of the world. I started dedicated myself to the Great Work, and to this day I continuously persist in deep research into esoteric, and occult knowledge.

To be continued.

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