S.e.e.d 2 Germinate

S.E.E.D 2Hello, and welcome back to the S.E.E.D. Conference

A FREE Two-day conference featuring a proactive approach to the task of spreading significant knowledge of Consciousness, Mind control, Truth, Spirituality, Self-awareness, Occult, Sovereignty, Anarchy, and how they all relate to the universal problems that we are currently facing as a species. It should be a wide scope of enormous scale tapping into a variety of topics.

This event is here for solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times, empower others into helping them defend themselves against chaos sorcery or other means of manipulation and obfuscation.

This conference is not limited to any one particular world view or subject matter. Any hidden or suppressed knowledge that holds importance to the freedom and health of living things on the planet earth is fair game for discussion

( No Alcohol during the conference. )


Nate Kap

Brandon Martin –

Douglas Martin –

Ryan Swisher

Ray Hartzell – Local Native American History

Tony Palmentera –

More Info soon.

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