Bowl Bash: June 17-25

17th &18th : Tiger Sex, Pro Death Rally, Thunderchief, Green Jell-O, Haggard Wulf, Tears of Olympus, Skatanic, The Jukes, Mullet.

23rd through 25th: Headrush, Visodas, Blues and corduroys, 13 angels, Satan and the Sunbeams, Et Mac, Electric baseball, Matt Branson, Matt pless, Life lies Bleeding,Weed Demon, Klan, Hot wet trash, Protozoid, Dead rising, Stolen stitches sideshow, D.r.e.a.d. Lazy ass destroyer, LockJaw, Monkeysoup, The Scratch n’ Sniffs, Joey 74/ stales, The Moneys, Pervert preachers, Uglybones, Extreme anal discharge
False Profit, Pro Death Rally,Trigger Happy, Peach Mountain Legacy, Godawfuls, Everlasting GodStopper,Mandatory abortions, Fade resort.

Booking is on: 740-742-3169, 740-416-6459

We are asking for a $10 donation upon entry to help with the overall expenses.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help progress the farm especially the month before the events so if you are capable of possibly showing up early please do it would be much appreciated.


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