Skatopia April Work Party. 4 – 1/2


Bands: mandatory abortions, crime spree, pro-death rally, lazy ass destroyers, peach Mountain legacy, K.l.a.n., Damosellas, Accelerator, locus Mortis, Enemy of the state. ET MAC,Electric Baseball



This gathering is intended to be a volunteer effort towards prepping for the seed conference the following weekend. We’re hoping to unify on one objective to make the farm look the best that it ever has. Through the weekend will be doing three phases of this goal.

Phase 1 Grooming: a unidirectional effort to solely clean trash.

Phase 2 Organization: a unidirectional effort to solely focus on organizing resources mostly consisting of construction material, tools, etc..

Phase 3 Finishing: will be a unidirectional effort to solely focus on touch-ups including maintenance, decorative, painting, mostly focusing on fix-it issues.

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