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Hello, and welcome to S.E.E.D.: Skatopia’s Esoteric Educational Day

A FREE Two-day conference featuring  a proactive approach to the task of spreading significant knowledge of Consciousness, Mind control, Truth, Spirituality, Self-awareness, Occult, Sovereignty, Anarchy, and how they all relate to the universal problems that we are currently facing as a species.  It should be a wide scope of enormous scale tapping into a variety of topics. 

This event is here for solution-oriented approaches to the problems humanity faces in these challenging times, empower others into helping them defend themselves against chaos sorcery, or other means of manipulation and obfuscation.

This conference is not limited to any one particular world view or subject matter. Any hidden or suppressed knowledge that holds importance to the freedom and health of living things on the planet earth is fair game for discussion

( No aclohole during the conference. )


BrandonBrandon Martin








Douglas Martin

The Stellar Mythos




10336625_10201879587336283_7619396635499733821_nNathan Kap





11986985_1226015997424149_61904070234986383_nNick Fortney

Living Without The System: Walk & talk in the wood’s



And many more to come.



Conference: Saturday 1 pm

Q&A – SYM (Speak Your Mind ) Saturday night, after conference.

Live Music ( Booking still in the works ) 

Small Bonfire ( Only Wood )

Projects for volunteers:   ( Coming soon )

Art Activities ( All age’s )

( Possible Skateboarding contest on Saturday )

And many more!!


There are still open spots for speakers, and bands to participate.


Facebook: S.E.E.D. 

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Get involved, and help awake others to this very important information.

Also don’t forget the FYM 4!!!


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